Seeing Music Live

I’ll be performing again with dynamic duo Betty Accorsi and Andrea Martelloni (Sloth in the City) in Seeing Music Live, an interactive music event powered through

Seeing music is an interdisciplinary collaboration across music, linguistics, cognitive science, and art. The exhibition and interactive was supported by students from QMUL’s Media & Arts Technology, the Centre for Digital Music, and the UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in AI & Music, in collaboration with the Language Evolution, Acquisition & Development (LEAD) group at Newcastle University. The core team includes Dr Charalampos Saitis (QMUL), Dr Christine Cuskley (Newcastle), and Sebastian Löbbers (QMUL).

The first performance was held on Monday June 28, with the second scheduled for next
Friday July 9, 1:00-2:30 pm BST.

Tickets are free, but you must be pre-registered to attend! Come join us in sonifying your beautiful computer artwork!

One thought on “Seeing Music Live

  1. Hi Courtney –

    I had more fun “playing” with the sounds. I have no idea what I was doing or why or how, but I made the designs “look” like what I was hearing. I had to stop “playing” and went back just now to play some more and the link wasn’t there. Don’t know if that was what I was supposed to be doing or not. I did have trouble getting a design to look like the quiet tones – found a nice soft blue, but wanted something very flowy – wave like. How the quietness of the see or a lake comes upon the shore. I did find a circle but it didn’t move the way I wanted it to move.

    I clicked on some of the links in your email and my goodness – the ideas are so way above me that my brain started to hurt as I tried to understand all the words. I understand that it is trying to connect math and science to sounds and I understand that part. Saw a great video that took the calling of various birds and put it down as notes and then had various instruments play the songs that the birds had sung. That was fascinating and it brought memories of my father coming in from outside and playing on the piano the songs he had heard outside. He was able to play the piano by listening to a tune and then sitting down and playing the tune. Amazing ability. It sure was fun for me when I would hear him call me from coming inside and asking me to come and hear the bird he heard.

    Thanks for sending this to me. The next one is this Friday at 8am here in the US, is that correct? Will it be the same thing – matching the music with the colors and shapes?

    Don’t suppose you will be in this country for Summer Theatre? I always need help in makeup!!!

    Jo Kilbourn

    Haggai 2:19


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