The Role of Metaphor in Vocal Pedagogy

Metaphor in the Teaching of Fundamental Physiological-Based Vocal Technique
Approved under Queen Mary Ethics of Research Committee Ref: QMERC2505a

It’s a new study!:

I’m looking for some voice instructors who would like to participate in a short interview study about the metaphors and abstract language we use during voice lessons, especially those used when helping younger or beginner students. I’m researching aspects of mental imagery in singing and the relationships we build with our bodies and voice through lessons and working with other singers. This research aims to find connections between the vast variety of metaphorical singing strategies out there (if any!), and how these help us to connect with our instrument. The interview will be very casual, take approximately 30 minutes – unless the social distancing makes you extra chatty (like it does to me!), and completely anonymous if you wish. If you are interested in talking about voice teaching with me, please do send me a private message or mail me at and I’ll be happy to provide more information about how to get involved with this or other voice-related research. Thank you!

The full information sheet for participants is here: